About E. J. Miranda


E.J. Miranda has been an avid reader from a very young age. Her love for mythology and history transformed throughout the years to become one of the main influences of her own work. When not reading or doing some research for her next book, she can be found traveling around the world and walking around each new city, curiously looking for the hidden treasures that make every one of them unique and special.

Julian Fox, The Dream Guardian

Julian Fox, The Dream Guardian is first and foremost a fantasy novel, though it draws significantly on world history and mythology. Miranda’s tale defies categorization in more than one way as it also features romance and humor throughout. Young audiences will be enthralled with the story and the writing style, and are guaranteed to learn about the stems of division and the importance of unity.


E.J. Miranda's passion for art encourages her to visit various museums and art exhibitions of every city she visits. She loves to admire and support local artists as well as marvel at worldwide-known artwork such as Alessandro Botticelli's masterpiece "The Adoration of the Christ Child" (picture on the left).

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E. J. Miranda